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    • ○  Wow! So good to marry a dancer! LOL. Great choreography! The first song was a bit too much for the big fat guy with pigtail. The 5 in the second song, including the groom, are really good!
  • Gambling, Decentralized By Ramy Zhang Gambling, Decentralized By Ramy Zhang
    • ○  Bookmarked this topic. :) Never actually thought about that in depth.
      • ○  thank you Sailor, she learnt a lot by herself
        • ○  Self-tutoring is imperative for IT professionals. Good for Ramy to start doing that so early. :)
  • My signature move My signature move
    • ○  Looks like a dance pose...
    • ●  Like your pictures ,it’s much better than some celebrities pictures. Would you post more pictures since I said like it? :)
      • ○  Sure, I do have a few more to post! :D
    • ●  A few yoga postures
      • ○  Wow, how many years have you been doing Yoga? Did you learn Yoga from any class/club? I am interested Yoga too and I am wondering if I can do it from home.
        • ○  6.5 years of practise. The best way is to go to YMCA everyday and take their drop-in class. There are several YMCA facilities in GTA area.
          • ○  Everyday? And you have been doing it over 6 years! No wonder you can do it!
            • ○  Yeah, I think we sleep and eat everyday, also we need physical exercise everyday. :D
              • ○  Totally agree. It’s your own body and you are responsible for it. Do whatever you can and whenever you are able to. :)
      • ●  .第三张侧面看,凸出,不雅。应该穿宽松型裤子做瑜伽
    • ●  Yoga (postures) on the beach. :)
      • ○  .真功夫,第一个真难,那手臂的力量和腹部的力量了得。最后一个反向plank我能做。第二个pose可以看出老大的柔韧度也是超强,总之是佩服佩服
        • ○  The second one is harder.
    • ●  Dragonfly Pose