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  • Wanna fly easier? Β Practise yoga! Wanna fly easier? Β Practise yoga!
    • β—‹  Why don’t you try full lotus pose?
      • β—‹  Because my full lotus is not good enough yet. :D I can stay with half lotus almost forever, but full lotus... maybe one minute?
        • β—‹  I couldn't do full lotus position either. I thought this pose is for the skinny people. LOL .
          • β—‹  We Chinese are all regarded as skinny by westerners. πŸ˜„
    • ●  I feel very uncomfortable and also feel the time goes too slow,
      • β—‹  I'd suggest that, don't set any expectation. Just start doing it. Do it without a goal.
        • β—‹  I see. Just do it everyday. Thanks!
          • β—‹  Don't expect the surprise and the surprise would come. :)
            • β—‹  Take it easy and enjoy it. Otherwise, it will be difficult to last. 😁
    • ●  I do this posture sometimes during flights too. Just need to make sure your socks do not smell πŸ˜‚
      • β—‹  Yup! That's important! LOL
  • Make it Bulletproof by Ramy Zhang Make it Bulletproof by Ramy Zhang
    • β—‹  Looks like the weakest link in this system is the Trusted Party?
      • β—‹  yup