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  • Israelis are good at farming Israelis are good at farming
    • ○  Nice to see the first-hand information you got, and appreciate your valuable observations, accurate descriptions and insightful comments!👍
      • ○  :D
    • ●  In terms of water management and utilization, do you think India should learn from Israel ?
      • ○  Sure. Actually the idea of irrigation has spread around the world. I learned it in junior middle school, but haven't known how it was invented until recently.
  • First impressions of Tel Aviv, Israel First impressions of Tel Aviv, Israel
    • ○  Good experience, and beautiful photography👍! Thanks for sharing! 😁
      • ○  You're welcome!
    • ●  Did you feel any inconvenience there during their shabbat time ?
      • ○  Unfortunately yes. 😊 Looks like it's a topic worth a small article. Will write more.
    • ●  You wrote so much during your busy travelling period, thank you very much! Hopefully you also benefited from their Shabbat time to some extent, in addition to suffering inconvenience. 😄
  • About water for Israel About water for Israel
    • ○  Yeah, earlier this year I found a video clip about it: (#4660@4096)
      • ○  I remember you mentioned their water before and I thought you visited there before. 😄
  • Israeli passengers Israeli passengers
    • ○  I was really surprised by this.What the article describes are far beyond my imagination or what I thought. I never visited there and I only contacted with few people who were from there in Canada. How would you comment on the related aspects of that area based on what you saw?
      • ○  Besides the air travelling part, which I didn't notice, the rest is quite in line with what I see.
        • ○  Good to learn about it. I am updated again. Thanks for sharing!
  • Israeli food Israeli food
    • ○  It seems that the food price there is similar as the one in Toronto. I would say many of Israeli foods are vegetarian friendly. Are you going to try these 10 foods?
      • ○  Tried hummus and falafel. Way to go... 😊
  • Old Jaffa Old Jaffa
    • ○  Oh,
      • ○  The place Jaffa was mentioned in Ancient Egyptian documents as early as 1400 BC. Even in China, there's few places keeping their names over 3000 years.
        • ○  Have you witnessed different religions or different religious communities there?
          • ○  Yes. Will talk about it.
    • ●  Do you like Mediterranean cuisine, or Israeli food?
      • ○  Yes! Although so far haven't tried much, restaurants are so expensive.
  • The countryside of France The countryside of France
    • ○  Do you use drone taking these pictures?
      • ○  I used a bigger one, AirBus 300? 😂
    • ●  Good job! It's not so easy to take good pictures through a window from inside of a flying(decending?) plane. What was the approximate flight altitude when you were taking these pictures?
      • ○  It's quite low, before landing at Paris airport. But I have no clue about the number.