Sketch 1: My Boss David

cc-pc (我到人间只此回)
My boss, David, is an old man in his 60s, very tall, mustache white like snow. He’s shrewd, and really knows how to be a boss.

In the office, we communicate mostly via emails even though we can talk face to face, or at least speak through the phone, but no, it seems only emails work. These emails are very brief, several words, not even a sentence. There are many dots, many abbreviations which we sometimes have to guess their real meaning. However, his emails convey his pressure to you. He likes to use question marks very much. He puts them in a line, not just one, but at least five or even more, depending on his mood or the seriousness of the matter. These question marks seem not to ask you, but question you, blame you, reprimand you silently, even worse, they look like many hammers pounding on your heart, wrenching it. The only thing you can do is to surrender to him, to admit that you made a mistake and you won’t let it happen again.
7-21 -04:00
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