Paradoxes in Me

cc-pc (听夜雨,江声千尺)
It’s August now. Time flies. Every day is bustle and flies very fast, so is and does every month. But why, the weird thing is, why every year is so long and slow? I guess it’s because I’m earnestly looking forward to being out of my now-and-here situation.

I feel I am getting older for I turn to listen to old songs, 60s, 70s, 80s, or maybe 90s. Who’s still listening to them in 2019? The present-day music, I feel like, so boring and dull, and the 80s and 90s are the two of the best decades in the music. Does this mean I am old? Maybe. My favorite is rocks though, I’d like to call myself an old hard-core rock fan. I like rock and roll of 80s and 90s, and I can listen to for a whole day and won’t feel bored. Now I am listening to Garage’s “Stupid Girl” and “I think I’m paranoid.”

Is there any old guy still love rocks like me? If so, congrats, you are just like me. We are still young and forever young.
8-5 -04:00
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