A Fascinating Story.

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My little one likes reading. This summer he's obsessed with making books, which means he writes a story (very brief); he draws some pictures for his story; he staples them together, just like a book. He made a lot interesting books. Below is a book he made yesterday. I love this story. What a fascinating idea. It's like a fable, meaningful, grotesque, even a bit gothic. It ends just right. Like Orson Welles said, if we want a good ending, it depends on where we stop the story. He sure knows the knack!

The Knife and The Pear by Jayden.

Once upon a time, there were a knife and a pear. They wanted to kiss.

They really wanted to kiss each other. They they got a makeup.

They put on lipstick. When they kissed, the knife cut the pear.

The end.


What a creepy story. The ending is just right!


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