Movie: American Factory

cc-pc (Ugly Truth)

The first moive in September I watched, following the trend, is American Factory.

At first I think why factories in socialist countires are sweatshops, while factories in capitalist counties pay more attentions to workers's safety and welfare even though they are forced to do it.

On second thought, I realize they are not socialist factoires, they are the same as early capitalist factoires in eighteen century. At that time, the factories in Ameirc or in western countries like U.K. were just like these Chinese facotires. If nothing changed, as time goes by, when China becomes a developed and properous country, they'll probably care about the worker's safty and welfare, because they are able to and can afford to do it.

But, sadly and ironically, today is never yesterday. No matter how hard Chinese workers work and even they don't ask for anything, they will still be phased out cruedly, just like American workers, by robots.

9-3 -04:00
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