First impressions of Tel Aviv, Israel

sailor (Ocean & Mountain)

Arriving at the airport, the immigration process was unexpectedly super easy.  The officer didn't even ask me any question!

There are lots of young soldiers, waiting for train, bus, or walking on the streets.  They carry guns!  In Israel, basically every Jew is required to serve in the military for a few years.

There are many many electric scooters and electric bikes.  Relatively there're not many regular bikes.

Seems Israeli families like children.  Typically there are 4 to 5 kids.  On the streets you can see many scrollers, many pregnant women, and children.

Foods are expensive, both in groceries and in restaurants.

The "weekend" in Israel is from Friday evening to Saturday evening, known as  "shabbat".  There is no public transportation, stores are closed.  People go to relax on beaches, in cafes and restaurants.

There are great beaches in Tel Aviv, with white and fine sands.  The water in Mediterranean Sea is warm in October, very comfy to swim in!

Old Jaffa is a town in next to modern Tel Aviv.  There are more Arabs.  It appears that there is  a peaceful co-existence of Jews and Arabs.

Although Israel is a hot and dry place, the water technology is very advanced.  The stream in taps and showers is strong, even stronger than in Canada.  I enjoy having showers!

This high-rise is twisting!



This one reminds me of Halloween!


An eatery at an intersection.


Bike lane and walkway are in the middle of the avenue.








Shabbat is for people to relax.




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