Israelis are good at farming

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As many people already know, the Mid-East is a very dry region.  It's hard to imagine that such a dry land nurtured one of the most ancient civilizations.

While I travelled around Israel, the view of desert is very common and typical.

However, Israel is famous on its agriculture.  This is the farmland near the highway.

If you have a close look, you would notice the irrigation hoses.  In Israel, water is used in the most optimal way.

There are many greenhouses.  Unlike in Canada, these greenhouses are to provide shade from the ultra strong sunlight, probably also to keep some moisture, for the plants.

Converting desert to forest is mostly like a tale.  However, you can see it's becoming true.  On the bus I saw planted trees in the desert, and this picture shows the edge.

While I was walking in the city of Eilat, I noticed that every tree was watered with irrigation system.


So, you won't be surprised to see many oases in Israel, like this one as I saw from far away.


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