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Waterloo Math Important Websites:


This website contains a list of important dates to mark down!


This website contains a list of degree requirements for graduation.


This website contains a list of all courses offered at Waterloo


This website contains a list of all course sections, enroll status, class location, professor, etc.

Typical Courses For First year

In the first term, a math faculty student will take 2 mathematics, 1 computer science, 1 communication, and 1 elective course.

Math Courses

The two mandatory courses are MATH135 and MATH137. MATH137 is mostly a review of grade 12 differential calculus with more detail and emphasis on solution writing and problem solving. MATH135 is one of the most difficult courses for first year math students. This course teaches techniques of proof writing through topics in algebra and number theory. Many students struggle with this course due to their minimum experience in proof and solution writing.

For students who wish to challenge themselves, they can replace MATH135/137 with MATH145/147, respectively. These are called the advanced sections. The advanced sections covers twice as much content as the regular sections with more depth, problem solving, and solution writing. Due to the difficulty of these courses, students are recommended to have a score of 80+ on the Euclid competition.

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