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  • 20 most beautiful islands in the world 20 most beautiful islands in the world
    • ○  Of these 20 islands, I visited Palawan, Philippines, Santorini, Greece, Bali, Indonesia (3 times), Ko Phi Phi, Thailand (2 times), Boracay, Philippines so far.
      • ○  Wow! Good for you.
      • ●  Which ones of them do you like the most?
        • ○  It's hard to say which one I like the most, each of these islands has it's unique beauty. If I get the chance I'm willing to visit any of them again.
          • ○  So they are all very beautiful but in different styles. 👍😁
            • ○  That's right.
      • ●  Wow! I've only been to Bali, but haven't found the truly impressive part. :)
        • ○  You traveled a lot of islands in the Philippines, but not Boracay and Palawan?
          • ○  I only visited Bohol and Cebu islands. :)
            • ○  Cebu Island was voted one of the 15 Best islands in the world by T+L readers in 2018.
    • ●  Boracay Island, Philippines
      • ○  Is this the most famous one in the Philippines? :D
        • ○  Yes, this one is the most visited island in the Philippines.
    • ●  Coron Island, Palawan, Philippines
      • ○  Should go next time!
        • ○  Suggest you to get a ranking list first before you make your next traveling plans. 😁
        • ●  Around the Coron Island, there are some world-renowned scuba diving sites, especially those well-preserved World War II Japanese shipwrecks for wreck diving.
          • ○  Nice! Add it to my wishlist. :)
    • ●  El Nido Island, Palawan, Philippines
      • ○  Thanks for sharing!
    • ●  Santorini Island, Greece
      • ○  Very nice and unique scenery! Thank you!
  • SpaceX ticket to Mars - $500k for a roundtrip SpaceX ticket to Mars - $500k for a roundtrip
    • ○  Mars One, which offered 1-way trips to Mars, declared bankrupt
      • ○  Sorry to hear that!
        • ○  It had problems on both fundings and technologies. Refer to the link (also audio info).
      • ●  The 1- way trip is so scary! I don't understand why so many people applied for that.
        • ○  It's the same exploratory mindset as of the Europeans of 600 years ago. They navigated around the world and discovered the new continent.
          • ○  If you were offered a free 1-way ticket to Mars within about 5 years, would you like to go there? How about 10 or 20 years later, if some groups of people already went to there ahead of you but the return trip was still difficult, would you go there ?😀
            • ○  Nope! The Mars is nothing like our beautiful Earth. No ocean, no white cloud, no forest... no way! :D
              • ○  If there's water, make your own vegetable gardens and forests on the Mars😁😁😁
              • ●  Or, bring your own Ocean & Mountain to there. Then, you can create more.😂
    • ●  Another info from NASA about Mars
  • Dinner Dinner
    • ○  What are the dark brown ones and green leaves(lemon leaves?) in the fish dish? Is the white rice congee with goji berries? I know another dish is Chinese cabbage with walnuts. 👍
      • ○  The dark brown ones look like black mushrooms and fungus. But these are not cooked with fish usually, are they?
        • ○  Woodear. :) The green thing is basil leave. Usually I don't cook woodear with fish, but it's winter. Vegetables are scarce. :)
    • ●  BTW, is the amount of goji berries harvested from your own vegetable garden enough for yourself?
      • ○  They are from groceries. :)
    • ●  Is today a special day for you? How are you recently?
      • ○  Everyday is special! :D It depends whether my food looks good and I have a good mood to take photos.
        • ○  Yes, everyday is a meaningful day. Smile and enjoy the life everyday!
  • Made in Israel: Water Made in Israel: Water
    • ○  I believe they have done good jobs. One of my previous co-work who came from Israel, told me that their family in Canada still had a habit to save water: they used the water from their washer to flush toilets.