He is not kidding :-) He is a senior one or he is doing his own business. He is the one who quarreled with 黑暗天使 a few days ago. They had a big fight :-) I was laughing to tears then. 黑暗天使, What does 大尾(yi3)巴狼 mean?

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2001-6-14 -05:00

回到话题: 愁啊愁。我的LP马上就要到期,大家都说canada现在就业形势不好,虽然老公是从事IT,有两年多的Oracle经验,心里还是很没底。我和老公在上海也还算不错,每年也有14-15万RMB收入。到底去不去?各位给个建议吧。愁啊愁,愁白了头。

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