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…about money. God’s no dummy. He knows how to get our attention, and how to make immutable wisdom stick by applying it to practical everyday problems. And there is no problem more practical or more “everyday” than the problem of money.
For most people, money is a problem. That is true for the vast majority of people on this planet. For them, it is a constant challenge. Perhaps you have moved past this challenge, Perhaps you have mastered “the money game.” If so, you are among the minority. You are a member of a very small group. Even so, keep reading ahead. You can use this information to help others.
Probably the biggest misunderstanding I have ever encountered over and over again in people trying to figure out “ the money game” is their thoughts about how it is that money comes to us. What makes money flow to us? How does it come to pass that another willingly gives us this stuff?
Most people believe that money comes to them in exchange for something they do. In this construction they see a quid pro quo. They give this, and they’ll get that.
In truth, the arrival of money (and all good things) has nothing to do with what we are doing. It just looks that way (And, I will admit, sometimes those appearances can be very convincing.)
There is a new thought system about all this. A thought system which suggests that it is what you are being which attracts to you the various experiences of your life (including the experience of financial abundance), not what you are doing.
If you think your life is about doingness, you do not understand what you are about. Your soul doesn’t care what you do for a living- and when your life is over, neither will you. Your soul cares only about what you are being while you are doing whatever you are doing. It is a state of beingness the soul is after, not a state of doingness.

Be assured that this is more than a simple aphorism. In this statement is an enormous Truth. A truth that could change your life forever.
Many people imagine that the way to get to “ beingness” ( that is , to “ be” happy, to “ be” secure, to “be” peace, is to do certain things). It is a fact, for sure, that everything we do is an attempt to achieve a State of Beingness. With every action we are attempting to achieve a state of being. Did you know that? Have you ever thought of it this way? It is true.
Let me explain further.
Everything you do, you do for a reason. There is an anticipated outcome. This outcome has to do in almost every case with a phenomenon I have come to call “ Havingness.” That is to say, most of the things we do we do because we hope to get something out of it. There is something, when all is said and done, that we hope to “have” as a result of all this.
Now some people have a very difficult time admitting this. That’s because they live within a belief system which suggests that “getting” and “ having ” is “ bad”, and that we should therefore “ do” stuff not because it ensures to our own personal benefits, but for some higher reason. This they call “ selfless giving.”
In truth, there is no such thing as selfless giving. Even the act of doing something selflessly is a selfish act, for it allows us to feel that we are doing something selflessly, and that is a good feeling. We “ feel good about ourselves.” Which, by the way, is totally okay.
I emphasize this because there are some who insist it is “ wrong” to feel good about oneself. It is the ego exerting undue influence on us. It is this. It is that. It is Satan, for heaven sake. In truth, it is none of these. Feeling good about your self is all you are trying to do here.
Most people do not visualize it this way. They do not see what is actually going on. In most people’s understanding , they are doing things in order to “get” things, and after they “ have” those things, they think they will “be” something.
Perhaps they will be “happy.” Or perhaps they will be “ secure.” Or perhaps they will be, finally, “at peace.” These “ states of beingness” are what they imagine will proceed from their having what they got by doing all they did!
Yet the creative process works best the other way around. First decide what to “be”{ that is , what state of beingness you wish to experience}, then move into that beingness without doing anything.
In my lectures I am fond of saying, “ you don’t have do a damned thing. In fact , you should stop doing “damned things.” Until you do, very little will work out for you, and you will walk around muttering, “Well, I’ll be damned.”
Out of this beingness you will find that doingness will flow. Indeed, beingness fully experienced will produce doingness. And that doingness will be a reflection of the beingness which gave it birth.
A person can either do something in order to “be happy”, or a person can start the day by simply deciding to “ be happy”, and the things that person will do will automatically reflect that. You can either use doingness as a means of getting to beingness- or you can decide to “ already be there”- and let your doingness be a demonstration of that.
When you learn this, you begin to turn life upside down. You no longer react to situations, you create them. You move from a state of beingness, rather than trying to move into a state of beingness. There is a vast difference.
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