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You are demure and quiet in nature, traditional and family oriented. You have natural beauty and does not require makeup to look beautiful. Your official duties will include but not limited to washing, cleaning, cooking and anything else demanded of you from time to time. Previous job experience prefer but not necessary.
Priority will be given to those who have a bachelor's degree or above. When in public you should act graciously and well mannered and always walk a few steps  behind me. You are to follow me everywhere we go and not question my judgement and decisions esp. when in  public. When called upon, you should obey all my commands and instructions. If something is not clear or you are not unable to contact me, you are to use your best judgement from your years of schooling in such circumstances. Your talents must include some excellent cooking skills. Any other skills like playing a musical instrument would be a great asset in the future. You are also expected to provide comfort and a helping hand when needed. If you think you qualify to be my queen, please send me a message at alainintoronto@gmail.com. Previous applicants need not apply. And for those  who applied, you will be interview on a first come first serve basis. The successful applicant will be living in my castle, assume of the title of Mrs. Wong and will have all the privileges that comes with it- like the use of my cars, condo, club memberships etc. Together we will travel the world and visit far and distance places. "
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2016-11-16 -05:00
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