Good advices. He need to be sure if the girl loves him. When you are in love, your heart are frangible like crystal, small things could hurt you. But if you really love her, you may respect her choice and let her happy.

pyramid (金字塔)
2001-6-18 -05:00

回到话题: 曾经有一份最珍贵的爱情摆在我的面前,我却没有珍惜它,当我失去的时候才追悔莫急,尘世间最大的痛苦莫过于此。如果上天能重新给我再来一次的机会的话,我会对那个女孩说三个字—我爱你,如果需要在这段感情上加个期限的话,我宁愿是一万年。

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