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I was a electrical engineer with 6+ years experience. the following is my detailed interview. I submited my application form last Sep, and have passed IELTS with 7, 6.5, 6, 5. But finally, in Aug 1, I was informed for a Quality Assurence interview on 10/10. Pls note the Q&A are my remindings. The officer(Q) is a Chinese gentleman in his 40s. Very kind, always in slow apeed:-). When my No was called on 9:00(I was told to be interviewed by 9:15), I (A) knocked #12 interview room's door:

A: Good morning, office!
Q: Good morning. You're Mr. A....
A: A Kun.
Q: OK, Mr. Akun. I'd like to asked you some questions to verify some informations of your application.
A: Sure.
Q: Tell me your current employer.
A: It's Wiegand Industrial Co. Ltd. I am a electrical engineer in this company.
Q: OK. Pls spell your company's name for me. (Key in his computer)
A: It's S-h-e-n..
Q: I know that, just spell wiegand for me.
A: OK, It's W-i-e-g-a-n-d. wiegand. Actually, it's a communicating protocal used in smart card system.
Q: Ok, I see. Tell me your job duties.
A: I am a electrical engineer. My major responsability including .....( the officer key something in his compurter. it seemed that he never stopped to do so during the interview.)
Q: OK, tell me what have you encoded in your smart card?
A; Acutally, our smart card is used for Door access control and personnel management, so only little information was encoded in the card. (I showed the contactless card to him) this is our smart card, it's a contactless card. It's diffrent from bank card or magnatic card.
Q: Oh. OK, tell me the work principal of smart card reader.
A: OK, let me explain the principal. Actually, we use Wiegand effect to develop a samrt card reader. a Wiegand effect is a pulse generating phenomenon generated in a special alloy wire .....( These is the only two technical questions during the interview. the officer lisened very carefully)
Q: (After checked my application form) You have stayed in S'pore for 2 years, right?
A: Yes.
Q: When did you left that company? why?
A: I left in Nov, 1998. because my father got a serious dicease so I must go back to look after him. Now my father recovers fast and....(the officer said 'I See' so I stopped)
Q: You are a electrical engineer, right?
A: Yes.
Q: So your job is diffrent from your previous one. right?
A: yes, but they are very close. My previous was in a manufacturing environment.
Q: Your destination in Canada is ?
A: Toronto, Ontario.
Q: Will your wife go there with you?
A: yes. ...She is a japanese now. She want to be a tourist guide in Canada.
Q: OH? (Began to check my wife's files, I very regreted to tell him such addtional information). So she is still a secretary.
A: yes.
Q: So you have had the medical examination. Let me check...(check it in computer)
Q: (Check our notarised documents) I think you have answer all my questions. this is the intructions for the land fee ....you should receive your LP by next January. Do you have any questions?
A: When? When should I submit my landing fee?
Q:either right here in HK or after you go back.
any other questions?
A: No, Thank you for your time.
Q: Thank you and good luck!

After I stepped out the room, the time is only 13 minutes. If I did not tell the additional words, it should be only 10 minutes. Before my interview, also in this #12 room and the same officer, another guy from SZ proceed his Quality assurence interview and only spent 10 minutes(he said those questions only spent him about 6 mitues). So for those applicants just like us, pls take it easy. the questions are mostly very simple and just to verify what's on your application form. The officer even not checked any of the files I take( also the SZ guy). I never opened my files bag during the interview. oh, yes, I also asked the officer if he need the copy of our passports, he said no.

After the interview, I bought 2xHKD5070 bankdraft in a local HK bank. To by this by myself, I must have an savings account of that bank for if the money is unpayable, the money should be returned to the account. then I write the F.N on the back of the bankdraft and put it into the bank's envelop together with the intruction paper( with a bar code of your F.N) and put it into the mail box beside the Canada consulate General's door (12Floor).

For the interview place, it's on the 12th floor of the Exchange Square. There are 2 building of the exchange square, you should go to the one on the right side if you are facing the sea. The other building is called Forum.
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