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First of all, I am still there. Occasionally, I browse the postings in this forum and see if there are some useful or interesting things.

Actually, Internet is a virtual virtual. According to some Internet guru, " I don'y know if you are a dog or not, and you don't know me either." We don't need get emotional or are serious in things here. I have benifitted a lot from my discussions and disputings with friends here. At the same time, I also made some contributions to the forum. What;s my biggest contribution? I think it is my conservative, and even negative advice to those would-be immigrants in China.

Indeed, the forum is getting more and more disappointing. Rolia is becoming a place where people can venture out their anger and frustration. But this should not be the goal of If you have a look at IT Section, a lot of technical questions are not attended. People are more interested in non-technical things. By technical I do not mean computer stuff only. Actually, how to use credit card, how to make a phone call, how to practice birth control, and how to behave ourself in public, just name a few, are technical things, too.

I don't want to hurt my countrymen, both mentally and physically. Some people like to play the ostrich's policy, so I won't bother them any more. I will continue to communicate with friends here, but I will first figure out if my words will show me off.

Thank you very much for encouragements.

PS. There are a lot of constructive people at this forum: jiang, egg, rollor,bloor,heart,lumlumq, name them. In particular, a lot of people have a good sense of humor. A good example is rollor's posting No.105848.
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