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英文的电子邮件时常会涉及到“具体情况/列表/名单如下”这样的表达法。这其实就是as follows 与following 的用法。总的来说是多用as follows,少用following 就好。具体的阐述和解释as follows:
as follows与following 的区别
  "As follows" is often used to introduce a list (of things, etc.) E.g. The 75 students are divided into five groups as follows: group 1 - group 5

We may also say:
1. The 75 students are divided into the following five groups:
2. The five groups of 75 students can be found in the following list:
简单来说As follows (不是as follow )是惯用语的构成形式,而不管前面的名词是单数还是复数形式.some regular examples as follows:
The method I use is as follows.我使用的方法如下
The Procedure is as follows 过程如下
Please contact him in the first instance,who is available via the following contact details:
The functions of the Authority are listed as follows

Those facilities are listed as follows

Your Company will be listed as follows
关于following 的四个绝佳例句:
1、It rained on the day we arrived, but the following day was sunny. 我们到达的那天正下雨, 但次日天气晴朗.
2、Answer the following question(s). 回答下列问题.
3、The following is of the greatest importance. 下面一点最为重要.
4、The following are extracts from the original article. 下面是原文的节选.
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