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It seems that it's more easier to get a job in Ottawa than Toronto. I have ever phoneed agency sometimes, but they told me there was no news. I believe they will forget me a week after. I broswer companies' website, find open positions, then send my resume directly. I have taken about 10 interviews, and got offer from the fourth interview.
But I think just mastering C++ is not enough. I 'd like to find a C++/CORBA developer position at first, but I can't get even one interview.
I modified my resume, to looking for a Java/C++/CORBA position. I got many interview opportunities! jabber's choice is right. In each interview, they asked me questions about C++,Java, CORBA, UML and projects I developed. I find many companies are developing projects with Java.
My english is not good at all, but I told them I am improving my listenning and speaking ability everyday. Sometime I answered questions via several lines codes or diagrams, such as synchronize, polymorphism etc.
In addition, to get a job, we need some luck, too.
<本文发表于: 相约加拿大:枫下论坛 www.rolia.net/f >

2000-10-13 -04:00

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