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This is a very good experience and absolutely correct. It really depends
on the individual personality. However, I think the worst cases in our
real life is that 90% of immigrants from China do not know why they
come here. They only saw other people or friends immigrate, so they
think its better. They never know the real feelings here when they
are in China. Everything you think it should be default in China or
at home become not default. For all the people who want to immigrate
to Canada, I wish you know it is not a gambling of life. It is a kind
of business. Everybody need to take risk, but I always believe we need
to take calculated risk. If your situation in China is not becoming worse
to you must leave, I suggest you can pursue opportunities in China.
You will not lose half of your strength in language and culture. You
will not lose your time to be with your family and parents.

I was born in 1970's and grew up while be educated by our communist
party. After getting two degrees both in IT and business, I joined
the largest IT company in the world and got very good promotion there.
Then I wanted to try something new and start to process immigration
to Canada. All Top 5 Canada business school accepted me, like
Western, Queens, UT, UBC. After many times travel in Canada, it is
the advantage you have immigrant paper, you can visit Canada at any time.
I visited all above Top Canada business school, talked with their
faculties and students and spent a lot time personally feel what's the
Canada and talked with hundreds of IT elites from our company who
immigrate to Canada. They have very good life, car, big houses or
beautiful apartments. But they want to go back to China. That's
the true. That's all my personal experiences. Finally, I take
the offer from my company to be assigned to our branch company
in Vancouver. I do not have any bad feeling because what I am
doing now is related to my domestic business. That's kind of
real recharge. So I turned down all the admission of those Top
business school here and start my international assignement
here from the first quarter of this year.

All the experiences told me,
1>life is not gamble. Expecailly the things
like immigration. Think about it very very carefully before you
start doing it. I saw too many bad references here. I don't think it
is successful for the elites like us if we have car and houses and
good job in Canada. Because we can have them even in China and we
do not need to pay 50% tax to raise the ???? like the people
wandering in gas town and Carnige public Library. They are really
dirty and gabbage!!

2>We all need to take risk, but we need to take calculated risk.
Think about it!

3>The only reasonable reason that my friends told me is: We people
decided to live and develop in China will take some political risk.
Yes, I accept that. But my question is: all the factors require
China should be stable. It is the requirement from US, UK and Russia,
and Japan. Because any unstable in China will have much much more
serious impact on themselves. Even the worst case that there is
a war, don't worry about it. Western people cherish their life much
more than us!!

4>Please believe this fact:
If you are a real capable people, you can have a good life whereever
you go, Canada or US. If you are not, better not go abroad, you will
be dead and totally lost very very soon.

I appreciate the papers from internet to help me to make the right
decision two years ago: Landing, but not staying! This is proved
correct decision for me. Of course, different people might have
different situations. My case will be very probably wrong if it happened
in the other people. But I want to share with you. With my experience
both in China and many foreign countries especially in USA and Canada,
I can give you some advice if you are confusing about if you need to
immigrate. This is for returning the value I got from other good
people in cyberspace who have helped me two years ago.

Please send you mail to tongwh99@netscape.net for any queries.
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2001-6-22 -04:00
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