Our great leader taught us: "Women can hold half the sky".

jabber (jabber)
Really, what kind of gender we have is not important. Generally speaking, men have more logic than women. However, there are exceptions in the world.

People usually think that it is a piece of cake for
people having background in maths and phycics
to become a programmer. I myslef is a Ph. D in physics.
But I found out that one graduate from Pekinbg University
is terrible stupid. I think he has no sense in programming.
Of course, he thinks he is a talented guy and it is an overkill for him to do programming.

There is a book entitled <<Dabatase Programming With Java and JDBC>> published by Oreilly. Its author majored in philosophy. One of good books published by Oreilly is
<<Java Threads>>, one of whose authors is a male but plays a role of "wife".

90% of Chinese people are sexists--- they have a very strong
discrimination based on sex. Of cousre, in 90% of Chinese families, the wife dominates! :-):-)
2000-10-19 -05:00

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