饺子请进, 想知道这算是误解还是偏见,另外我也很想知道你老公的看法,我在这里也住了10几年了,对洋人还是看不透.

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Found your site to be interesting. There's nothing new really. [GCM Editors' Response: We challenge you to name one other website that says that the Great Wall can not be seen from the moon]. People will always gripe about something when in a foreign country. Especially a backward poor one with an inferiority complex. [GCM Editors' Response: Mainland Chinese hardly have an inferiority complex. More like a superiority complex that contradicts with the facts]. About chinese mainlanders wanting revenge for european and japanese colonialism. Well, should of told your forefathers not to be imperialists. [GCM Editors' Response: Our forefathers were living in trees in Africa so they could not have been imperialists.]. But seriously, if you think westerners are treated badly, look at how japanese businessmen are pretty much shut out of china. [GCM Editor's Response: That makes us feel much better]. But you know what? The Japanese look down on the mainland chinese. [GCM Editors' Response: So do the Hong Kong Chinese and Taiwanese. By the way, we think that your use of a small letter "c" when spelling the word "chinese" shows that you look down on chinese people too]. So what do you want? For the mainlanders to treat you or the japanese as equals when all you want is to make money off of them and look down on them? [GCM Editors' Response: Yes, that is what we want]. If Russians are the same as the chinese and use whatever means they want to come out ahead with foreign investment perhaps fair's fair. [GCM Editors' Response: Look how well this strategy has worked for the Russians so far]. If you were doing business in China back when china was carved up, you probably wouldn't care about the chinese being second class citizens in their OWN country while you're treated as kings. [GCM Editors' Response: If our weak guerilla memory serves us correctly, during that same period there were large numbers of Chinese business owners (particularly in Shanghai) who were also treated like kings. Many of these wealthy Chinese eventually fled to Hong Kong where they again prospered. Perhaps they are YOUR forefathers?] If you still want that, then may I suggest South East Asia like Thailand etc. [GCM Editors' Response: Oh, thanks for reminding us. Some of the wealthy Chinese business owners also fled to Thailand where they again prospered]. Also, I didn't like your anti-chinese male attitude. I find it a bit insulting that you gush over cute chinese hotel counter girls while attacking chinese males. [GCM Editors' Response: First of all, where did you get the idea we are anti-Chinese male? From our comment about annoying Chinese male babies? You have to admit that Chinese boy babies are extremely spoiled and self centered. It is not their fault. It is their two parents' and four grandparents' fault. Secondly, cute Chinese hotel counter girls are much more attractive to us western male guerillas than hotel counter boys. Thirdly, why are you so sensitive? Do you take it as an insult if a guerilla compliments a woman on her looks but says nothing about your looks? OK, if it will make you feel any better, we think Huang Fei Hong has a good body. So strong and masculine. What a great defender of China. How's that? Better? Finally, as for all the other bad things we may have said about mainland Chinese people, we hereby offically declare that all these statements apply both to the men AND the women of China]. chinese men feel the same way about obnoxious arrogant western males only interested in dating chinese women and making money off their country. [GCM Editors' Response: Yes, that is what we want. This should make it easier for you Hong Kongers to get western women. Why don't you go for it while you have the chance?]. But then again there are chinese women who sure love western men and more importantly their citizen status or potential passport to the "first world." [GCM Editors' Response: Sounds like we touched a sensitive nerve in one of our Chinese male readers. Maybe the Chinese women just want us western guerillas for our hairy guerilla bodies?].
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