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Sorry, I seldom heard that one needs to modify the code simply because the client number is increased. Whatever server you have, it has limited ability to serve the clients.
Adding 2 or 20 clients cannot be the reason to modify the code. On the other hand, adding 200 or 500 clients may need to re-constrcut the system architect.

I don't think we can spot any new, important patterns. All the important patterns have been summarized by experts.

If you are interested in patterns, please allow me to challege you with a small pattern. I dare to say it is I who observed this phenomenon as far as I know. Here is the description:

In the western society, women usually change their family name after marriage.
For instance, Mary Smith was a famiy member of the Smith family. After she married John Kennedy, she became a member of the Kennedy family. The point here is that she got a new data type (KennedyFamilyMember and SmithFamilimember are two kinds of data types, or classes).
I guess this can be named as a pattern.
Could you offer a solution to this pattern, if it is, in Java or C++?

My understanding is that some patterns are too complicated to use. Of course, simple patterns such as Singleton Patterns do help us a lot, to say, in creating a DB connection pool.
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