FW: 移民面试常见问题供参考

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Why do you want to go to Canada?

What do you know about Canada?

How do you think Canadian economy?

You know Canada has one of the best social welfare systems/health systems in the world. How do you think of it?

What particular things do you like in Canada?

Why do you want to leave China?

How do you think the experience you have in China?

Do you go to Canada because you are not successful in China?

Where are you going to settle (or live) in Canada?

What do you know about Vancouver, the place you’re going to live?

Tell me anything you know about Vancouver?

Why would you like to settle in Vancouver?

Tell me any other cities you know in Canada.

Have you heard anything about Canada in Chinese media recently?

What’s your impression on Vancouver (Canada)?

What do you think about Canadian political system?

Have you been to Canada (any other countries besides Thailand)?

What is the biggest city in Canada?

Who is the premier of Canada?

Who don't you go to USA?

How many people are there in your family?

Why do you leave your spouse/child/parents behind?

Did your parent agree with you on immigration?

Does your spouse have any plan when she accompanies you to Canada?

Why don’t you bring your child with you to Canada?

What kind of QUALIFICATION did you get?.

What university did you graduate?

Is your University famous?

Tell me something about your university?

What’s your major?

Since you have graduated from the university for more than 10 years, how can you catch up the fast-growing world?

What have you learnt in your university?

Have the course you studied in the university helped you?

Did you get any award in the university?

How long have you studied English?

Can you speak any other language?

Do you have any other languages or skills, which might assist you to find a job in Canada?

Do you have to speak English, write English in your working environment?

How often do you use English?

Can you operate the computer?

What do you know about internet?

Have you received any professional training?

Have you received any on-site job training?

You studied Physics (or other field), why do you apply as a computer programmer?

Do you have any professional license/certificate?

How did the training help you in your present career?

In what company are you working at present?

Can you tell me something about your company?

How many employees are there in your companies?

Tell me the detail of your colleagues’ job titles?

How long have you been working in the company?

How long have you been working in this firm since your graduation?

How long have you been in the position?

Who do you report your work to?

What is the position in your company?

How many staffs do you supervise?

What’s the main business of your company? Name of general manager?>

What have you done in your work?

What are your responsibilities?

What are your achievements?

Tell me one of your biggest achievements?

Why did you work in the same company for so long?

Do you know any company in Canada, which offers the same service as your company?

What’s your routine work?

Do you have a reference letter from the present employer?

After you land in Canada, what sort of job you plan to look for and how long you believe will take you before you can successfully get a job offer?

Why do you think you can be successful in Canada, while many other immigrants have failed in their career?

Why do you think you can live and be successful in Canada at your age?


If I approve your application, do you think you will have any problems to adapt the new living style in Canada? If no, tell me why you have confidence to adapt to the new environment?

What plans have you made to live in Canada?

How can you survive in Canada?

What are you going to do if you cannot find a job in Canada? How will your friends help you?

What will be the first important thing you are going to do after arrival in Canada?

What’s your Career OBJECTIVE?

You know a lot of Hong Kong people have come back from Canada, how do you think about it?

Can you tell me something about your career?

Why are you certain that you can be qualified as a successful immigrant?


Do you have any idea about the job market in your occupation in Canada?

Have you done any research about job opportunities in Canada?

Do you know anything about the present employment situation in Canada?

Do you have any relatives or friends in Canada who could assist you?

What are your relatives (friends) doing in Canada?

What are you going to do if you have no money and nobody is willing to help you?

Do you have enough money to support yourself and your family if you can’t find a job immediately?

How much transferable funds and other personal assets do you have? Do you have a summary of your assets?
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