Tell you a true story and guess what is the ending…

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More than 10 years ago, 3 months after I had been to a university, a guy of our department who is 7 years older than I chased after me. He loved me so much that he wrote letters and poems to me every day. He had very good literary grace and I liked to read his letters. But I didn’t feel I had any feeling towards him. I was a naive and ignorant girl then, and also a kind girl. I didn’t know I could refuse him if I didn’t like his date. All I knew is that I couldn’t hurt him. Until one day he told me a story about how his two friends who had been lovers split up. I seemed to suddenly wake up then that I could turn down him as well. So I started to refuse to meet him and stop writing to him. He was deeply hurt, he kept writing letters with tears and blood to me, and I cried every time reading his letter. Things seemed to calm down after the struggle. He got married half a year later after our separate. But one year after his wedding, he came back to me again. He still loved me and started to write to me again. For me, I just treated him as a friend whom I owned much but could not return anything back. He went to a Canadian university later and he wrote to me that, he used my name as his password so that he could call me many times a day. Our correspondence stopped after I graduated and got married.

I lived well in China until one thing happened last year. I was in a despairing state and very much needed help then. I happened to see his old letters that I didn’t throw away. I tried every way to look for him and thank god I found him through the net. He is still in Canada and he is a senior manager in a big company now. He was the only person on the earth I could trust then. I wrote to him and he wrote me back quickly. Gradually my mode was getting better and better, and I found I was so attracted by his emails that I felt so lost without getting his message one day. I loved to read his messages and as I said, he is a master of languages, of course he also has an intelligent brain. I totally fell in my net love. As for him, he told me he never forgot me. He often dreamed me and thought of me every year when he saw pure and white snow in Canada. I too was crazy for him and I was so happy that I got a true love that few people could get in the world.

I am married and have a child. He has two kids. Both of us don’t want to hurt our families. I am on the process of applying for immigration to Canada.

So, guess what is the ending of the story?
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