hi, japper, i need your help!

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Hi, japper it is my pleasure to discuss with you in internet. I should give my thanks to rolia.com, which let me have a better and easier acknowledgement about the reality of Canadian society. I’ve read several messages of yours. It seems to me you are a wonderful friend to all of the new Chinese Canadian immigrants, so thoughtful and sincere. I trust you, and in fact I need your help! Forgive me if it would take your so much treasure time.
At first, I’d like to introduce some basic information of myself: I am 25 years old, single, with 3 years of working experience in a bank. In July, I acquired the LP and planned to land on Canada in March next year.
I’ve already given up my job, and now I am seeking the information about Canada. After several weeks of researching, I am afraid I have to throw away all of my former dreams and accept the fact that it is really very difficult to find a job in Canada. I quite agree with you in the aspect that the most important thing for a new immigrant is to make a living in a new circumstance independently. As Chinese immigrants, we have no much money. So we have no choice but to find a job as early as possible. This is maybe the answer that most of new immigrants choose to study computer. But unluckily, I am major in English. Do I need to change to study IT in Canada? I know if I set a goal, I will achieve it with all my efforts. I don’t scare of the hard work. But i worry about 3 problems the first is whether i can easily find a good job after I graduate from university. You know I am already 25 years old, and 3-4 years is how important to me. I can’t lose another 3-4 years in choosing a wrong major. the second is which road is most suitable for me to enter IT profession. there are 3 ways to enter the IT field. One is though 3-4 years of regular study in university. The Second is with 2 years study in college. The third is one year of short training in a special professional training class. On the one hand, I want to work as early as possible because the IT profession is rapidly developing and it belongs to the young. No one knows what will happen for the IT profession after 4 years. On the other hand, I also want to get a degree and a strong background of IT knowledge. I am now hesitant. last, I wonder if only computer can provide job opportunities? if everyone are engaged in computer, it also will become very competitive. How about other profession? such as trade or finance, which are closer to my major and working experience. now I become a little upset because it is really hard to make a decision.
Sorry, I bring you so much rambling complaint and stupid annoyance. But I am very anxious to hear your advice and suggestion. I believe I will benefit a lot from your advice.
Looking forward to your early reply

Yours sincerely
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2000-11-1 -04:00
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