If you lost your job, your stay in that country will be illegal unless you can secure yourself another visa, not to mention your house in that country. Besides that, Nothing would be different.

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If you change your job. your H1 has to be renew.

You can apply for US green card based on your H1 visa but you have to stay in that particular company long enough and that company is willing to sponsor you.

So can you guarantee nothing will happen within the next 5 years?
2001-7-13 -05:00

回到话题: 请大家帮我分析: 实话说,我来加拿大的本来目的,就是奔美国。现在我在加有一个年薪5万的工作,且,短期内不会失去这个工作。同时,我拿到美国的一个offer,如果办下H1, (B1/B2,10年visa已有)你们说我是去还是不去?是等入籍以后再去?

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