thats easy, I just did it in my new win2k few days ago

guest (BigDesk)

1- check ur COM port, usually inner modem use com3/com4, in my case, in win98 my card use com4, but when i install it in win2k, it doesnt work, so i change to use com3 (create a new com port with the win2k tool).
2- after u setup/create ur com port and make sure it doesnt have any conliision, then use tool 'setup new device' in contral panel to add modem, and use the win2k stardard driver provider by win2k, then config it to use ur new com port.
3- query modem in ur modem property dialog, it should give ur some modem infomation in the bottom box.
4- u'd better restart the box, now all's done.

good luck
2001-7-15 -05:00

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