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davidboris (Jack)
I have got a lot from your answer although I now some relative info,you are knowlegeable in IT area,I plan to e-mail to you but always miss the time,here again,thanks a lot.

I landed Toronto last Dec. I have a question about osap,I was told you couldnot get the osap unless you have been here for one year.they check the landing date from register date,if not reach one year,no Ontario loan for you.

I absolutely want go to un. to study C.S ASAP,however,I have to consider
the finianial situation in 2 or 3 years.Can I first PART-TIME then FULL-TIME to get the osap?This also connect closely my first question .
Hoping futher reply
2001-7-16 -05:00

回到话题: 我来TORONTO没到一年,没考TOFFL,现拿到YORK的本科C.S的OFFER,我很困惑是否应花2年多的时间去学,还是去申请一个更好的学校. 多谢指教

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