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Here is one problem if you buy from you have to pay US dollars and you have to pay freight. And Overnight delivery is very expensive, if you can wait for 2 weeks, it is ok, but you still have to pay the freight.

You may want to go to www. to compare the price. Indigo is a major book retailer in Canada, Chapters is good too, you have several chain stores in Toronto. Indigo has discount card which will give you 10% discount. They have chairs and tables, you can read books whole day in the store, nobody will bother youThere are also several smaller bookstores, like the Computer Book Store on Yong Street, it is not big, but you will find it has great selections. There is also a bookstore call the Biggest Book Store in the World in Edward Street (near Yong Street), great selections on computer books.
And once my friend told me that you may email to a person telling him what kind of book you want to buy, he will reply reply within 2 days if he can get the book, the price is about 70% of the regular price. The man can deliver the book to you and you pay him in cash.
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