my confusion about study computer science

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hi, i've got a big confusion about studying computer science...

my major was something related to EE, but i didn't have any major related working experience. after graduation i've been in office admin field all the time. one of the reasons i decided to immigrate to canada is to switch to computer science, i've really put my heart on this field since my high school years.

after landing, i submitted preliminary applications to some famouse graduate schools here. but i was soooo frustrated when i got the rejection letter from 2 of them. you know i got good undergraduate scores and my toefl score is high as well. i never know its so difficult to apply for CS schools in canada.

my friend suggests me to start from undergraduate program in CS, said it'll take about 2 years before i obtain my B.Sc. yet some other guys said it's not a wise decision for a girl at my age to switch to technical field. i'm approaching my 30 now. is it worth to start from the very beginning to study undergraduate courses?

i just got a well paid office job in toronto. according to my working experience, this is the only kind of job i can find. but the thing is i do not like such kind of job at all!!! i'm still dreaming of being a computer worker. can anybody give me your advice?
<本文发表于: 相约加拿大:枫下论坛 >

2000-11-9 -04:00

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