Today's Trip & Gifts, FireFox is our Hero of the day

slimpiggy (Aiya Kar-Ching)
本文发表在 相约加拿大网上社区枫下论坛 bought gifts for the following people on behave of Pan ZhongYuan:

Robert Bell (Chief Surgeon)
Matthew McKinnnis (Resident Physician)
Julie (Nurse of R1106)
Larry (Pan's roommate who leaves for home on monday)
Operation Crew (4 people)
Recovery Crew(2 people)
Blackstein (chemotherapist)
Alice (we all know Alice)
Robert Bell's Secretary who passed along critical messages at critical times

MQU27 and Firefox accompanied me for shopping and wrapping, Firefox donated gifts for us which is a great help, since a card and a little gift will cost more than 10 bux together(which really isn't much btw), and we have 13 people to cover, so we had trouble keeping budget under $100, and FIREFOX HELPED US TO achieve that goal.

All the cards were written by me and signed by Pan, on Robert Bell's card

"My words are inadquate to describe my graditutue, what you've done for me is noted and will remain with me for the rest of my days"

Bloor brought along a friend from work, very noble, someone brought Pan Veggie dumplings, very noble.
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