The reality can crack a lot of beautiful things in the life, including emotions bewteen the male and female

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The life described in this artcile is the reality. Most Chinese immigrants need to overcome the langauge barrier, culture shock, and financial pressure. Under such a circumstance, the marriage becomes so fragile...If our memory works correctly, I think many of us can remember the strategy that took place in Toronto sometime earlier this year, in which a desparate father killed his 4-year-old daughter.

Reading such articles always makes me dummy. If anybody wants to look into the life through literature, I recommend a novel entiled "Bai Xue Hong Cheng". It appeared at as special issues in 1997.
In that story, "I"-- the author---made $50K ,
devorced his wife, abandoned his lover, and went back to China. The most touching description is on the farewell with his already-divorced wife: He saw the wrinkles around her eyes....

I am not spreading pessimitism. Instead, I wish to say: Be considerate, people!
2000-11-10 -05:00

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