Open your eyes, clear up your thoughts!

guest (Open your eyes!)
I've seen much of the old world clashes with the new ideas, but nothing ever like tihs one. Being on webcast, on TV, going commercial is self-respect! It is self-esteem!!

It shows one's bravery! Fighting with the disease while inspiring the whole community!

And look those who don't agree with the idea. It's okay NOT to agree! But it's NOT okay to threat, to attact personally, to destroy the other idea's reputation.

It is NOT okay to put negative thoughts on the ideas that you don't have to agree.

It gets even worse when those who believed in ones' own arrogance to speak for someone, and self-cheating to be morally higher and better. It reminds me the culture revolution, the opponents are always the enemies, not just those who happened to see a little differently...
2001-7-23 -05:00

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