For Everyone Who Cares about Canada

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For Everyone Who Cares about Canada

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with Canadian politics,
message is very important. Please take the time to read this because the
results of the upcoming federal election will ultimately affect us all.

I'm sure many of you have seen Stockwell Day in the Canadian Alliance
Reform commercials preaching about respect for "all Canadians." Yet Mr. Day
seems to think that women should not have the right to decide what's best
for themselves or for their families. His extreme views were confirmed when
he openly supported a move to ban provincial medical funding for abortions,
including those deemed medically necessary?that includes cases of RAPE and

Mr. Day also opposed the inclusion of sexual orientation in Alberta's
Rights Legislation. Does he mean that gays and lesbians are not to be
considered human? Members of his Canadian Alliance Reform Party candidly
accuse gays and lesbians of being deviants. Myron Thompson, a member the
Canadian Alliance Reform Party went so far as to say publicly that he "hates

As well, Mr. Day states that neither he nor his party will support
multiculturalism in Canada. In other words, Mr. Day is against womens'
rights, against gays and lesbians and against ethnic diversity. These
displays of discrimination by the Canadian Alliance Reform Party clearly
contradict Mr. Days?commercial preaching of respect for "all Canadians."

There was another politician in history with similar opinions on
people differently based on class and social groups. Tolerance and
acceptance for this politicians' extreme views later led to the death of
over 6 million innocent men, women and children.

Not only is the Canadian Alliance Reform Party discriminating based on
cultural groups, but it's also judging Canadians by region ?those provinces
west of Alberta, and those east of Alberta. A prominent member of the
Canadian Alliance, John Mykytyshyn, tried to explain the reason as to why
there was poor support for the Canadian Alliance Reform Party by the
provinces east of Alberta. He stated that, "The simple reason is that
eastern provinces believe in handouts and "give me a cheque for doing

Stockwell Days?views are those of an ignorant bigot. In addition to
open discrimination towards cultural minorities, Stockwell Day endorses
policies that cater only to the high-income upper-crust society.
Privatizing hospitals and schools, and his two-tiered medical care system
will ensure that the wealthy will receive the best service and that the
middle and lower classes will receive only what they can afford. If you
look closely at the fine print on Stockwell Days?commercial about Canadians
saving $4500 if he is elected, you'll see that it says these savings are
only applicable to people with incomes over $60,000. I would think that
it's the people with lower incomes, not higher incomes, that need that extra

With all this propaganda, it's often difficult to distinguish
truth from
fiction. There's a lot more that can be said about the hypocrisy of Mr. Day
and his Canadian Alliance Reform Party, but I wouldn't be able to list it
all in this e-mail. So, please make the effort to learn about the competing
Party's and their platform. The Canadian Alliance riding is now dangerously
close to becoming Canada's opposition party. Please get out there and vote
this Nov. 27th and make sure Stockwell Day and his discriminatory policies
and beliefs will not taint the Canadian tradition of freedom and liberty.

By the way, here's a really good website (you may have seen articles
it in the papers) you can check out if you want to know more about the
Canadian Alliance Reform Party.


Please forward this message to everyone you know to get the
word around.

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