I cannot agree with you. When I have time, i gonna write something about Hannibal.

mrviceroy (杀人者Daniel是也)
1. Were it not for Scipio, his base in Spain would be fine.
2. Hannibal's plan was to get rid of Roman's allies, not to kill as many as possible. Because Roman is much more powerful than Carthaginians.
3. He has no equipment to attack a city protected by city walls. And his army is stronger only at Cavalry troops.

I am going to write about the Battle of Cannae in a couple of days. And we can continue our talk about this great man : One Man Against Rome.
2001-7-24 -05:00

回到话题: 最近读关于罗马史的文章,大多数历史学家对迦太基的大将汉尼拔推崇备至。 我不同意

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