Some Baseball Related Idioms

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Ordinarily, idioms are military/sports based. Today, we will discuss some baseball related idioms. You should have some essential knowledge about baseball. If you haven’t any idea about it, you’d better watch a match of Blue Jay.

1. go to bat. = To back someone up
(The batter who “go to bat” is supposed to help his colleagues to get score with excellent strikes.)
I have been told that I really must start participating in class. I think I will open the class tomorrow. Will you “go to bat” for me if someone “shoots me down”?

2. you’re up = It’s your turn.
(Coach asks a batter to stand up from dugout)
When a professor “cold calls” someone, he or she may give no warning. The professor may just look at them at say “ You’re up”

3. Out in left field = away from the action / different from the crowd
(The left fielder has a few opportunities to catch the ball. During most of the game, he is idle.)
During those discussions, he felt as though he were “out in left side”.

4. off-base = almost there, not quite there
(A batter will be touched out when he is off-base.)
I was so surprised when I got my paper back. I thought I was totally off-base, but I surprised myself and did very well.

5. almost home = very close
(Some one who is on third base is almost home)

6. home free = very good, no need for improvement
(Do you know what “Home Rum” means?)

7. struck out = fail to complete a task
(If a batter got three strikes, he “struck out”)
My goal was to be a millionaire, but I struck out.

8. in the ballpark / ballpark figures = close to being correct, approximate
( A ball which is kept in the ballpark is counted)
To estimate our cost, we needn’t calculator, ballpark numbers are fine.

9. up to bat ( step up to the plate) = prepare to do something
Today, I decided to “up to bat” and open the class.

10. on deck = next to play
He is on deck to finish this work.

11. grand slam = good, perfect (hit the ball over the fence, home run)
When all three bases are occupied by your colleagues, you strike the ball, get a “home run”, and your team gets four points. You hit a “grand slam”

12. pinch hit = substitute
A strategy used in baseball game. A batter pinch hits the ball, sacrifice himself for others to get points
I can’t make it to tomorrow’s lecture. Could I ask you to “pinch hit” for me.

13. touch base = connect
I can’t go to your room at this time, but we can touch base in tomorrow morning.

14. cover the bases = has all the points to be prepared
I am confident of this test, because I have coved the bases
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