Welcome, Sam... but I think you'd better write your questions in the forum, rather than in your personal detailed intro... :)

sailor (Sailor)
1, 300/m is by far not enough for a 3-member family.
2, 220V eletric cannot be used here.
3, Hamilton is a peace and beautiful city. Sorry I don't have further info.
2000-6-8 -05:00

回到话题: 各位朋友,您好! 我是四川成都人,88年西安交大毕业分配到天津工作。孩子爸爸是北京平谷人,87年沈阳工业大学毕业分配到天津工作,孩子 8岁。我很珍惜能有加入该会的机会。 我们一家三口将于8。15LANDING多伦多, 目前我最需要大伙的帮助,主要在 1。 帮忙租一间合适的

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