hi jabber, do you mind.....

braveheart (braveheart)
hi jabber, do you mind.....if i take you some time. i just want to confide my personal feeling with you, since you are so considerate and thoughtful. i don't doubt you could master computer at very short period with your intelligence and dilligence. what suprises me most is your enlish and communition skills. as a so called english major, i feel truly a little ashamed. thank you for your advice, though i still tend to enter a university for a cs program. as you know, it is unlikely that i could meet a java master like you who may guide me directly to the IT profession. morever, i've heard that a montreal resident could get great assistance from the local government when one is studying in a school. so maybe the financial problem you mentioned will not the key one.
my departure day is fixed to March 1 2001. however, wherever i will be, i hope to keep touch with you.
good luck jabber
2000-11-14 -05:00

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