Every generation must fight for social justive. WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!

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Everyone knows the fact that the economy is in recession. New immigrants are hard to find any jobs. But few have discussed the actual reasons for that. Maybe the topic is too big or maybe Chinese don't care about politics. And you think you don't have the skills for the job market, so it's your fault. And the economy is out of anybody's control, so it's no one's fault. Wrong and Wrong! You have the skills, but the jobs you are looking for have been deliberately destroyed.
No recessions happen suddenly, those people at top know long before that we were heading for a crash but refused to take any actions. So why's that. Remember one thing, the world does not belong to average people like you and me, it belongs to the elite, powerful business and political interests that dominate our lives. They set the rules and they cut the deals, it's natural that they only do things that enrich themselves, and we can only obey.
Back to the point, where are the jobs? they have been detroyed to save bosses' wage money. Simple? For decades, businesses have been working to contain wage cost by replacing human jobs with computers, replace permanent jobs with temporary, contract and even voluntary jobs. They cut wages and benefits to a point that it's hard for many workers to make ends meet. And with the help of WTO and Free trade, they continue to export millions of jobs from North America to Asia, Mexico and China where wages are much cheaper and they can exploit workers more freely. They are playing the old trick of pitting worker against each other to let them accept lower wages, poorer environment, and weeker rules of law in order to compete for investments. That's a dangerous race to the bottom. So you know why the jobs you are looking for are eliminated.
And why is the recession? People here lose decent jobs and they have to cut spending. For years, the elite create a financial bubble on Wall Street to enrich themselves. Four days of transactions at Wall street are equivalent to whole year of U.S GDP. They are not real money and does not fuel the real economy or create any jobs. They are debt instruments that smartly created by the elite to put goverment deep in debt and put claims on ordinary peoples' earning for their entire life. They deliberately inflate the prices for stocks and bonds and other financial assets to a point beyond belief and quickly cash in those assets themselves. The politicians lured by the cash donations from businesses, refuse to take any actions. Now it comes the crash, and those elites have successfully passed on the damages to us through job cuts, wage cuts and benefit reductions. Just look at Nortel CEO, the company is billions dollars in debt, but he cashed in $100 millions last year only. And probably more this year.
What can we do? People are not blind, they see those things, and they are very angry at what the elite are doing to them. There are millions of people join the world wide protests in Seattle against WTO, Washington against world bank, Quebec City against FTAA, Toronto against NAFTA, Geneve, and most recently Genova, Italy against G7, many places in China as well. Every generation must fight for social justice, otherwise, we will be crushed by those powerful interests. Chinese immigrants are the newest victims of the system. It's important that we do not keep silence. Chinese, Canadian, American, European, Asian, workers of the world, Once again LET US UNITE! We will ask the elite to stop their offensive, ask the goverments to restore proper economic orders. Only by using our collective power, we can help ourselves, and let our children live in a world that justice prevails.
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2001-7-26 -04:00
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