Sam, I also want to study in US right after Ianding, but many people said that......

sisi (丝路花雨)
it is impossible for Chinese landed immigrant to get US visa from Canada unless he has a stable job in Canada or lived there 6 months. So I wonder how you got the visa? Moreover, if I have a rejected record in my passport, can I just pass? Another question, how many GRE do you think is high enough? for CS master program in most decent US university. Thank you!
2000-11-16 -05:00

回到话题: 有些关于上学的问题想请教大家。 我本科EE专业,因为不喜欢和电子电路打交道,毕业后这几年一直在做文秘,移民加拿大也是因为厌倦了这种工作,想出国念计算机硕士,可听人说加拿大申请计算机Master很难,来之后才有体会:UBC和YORK都把我拒绝了!

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