Re #14983: Hi, map, how are u? It's me. Thx a lot, for nominating me, but actualy I am too lazy to accept ur recommendation, ^ ^ *

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U know what, after a long time struggle, I choosed what I original wanted now, to pursue my MBA dream. Surprised? 'cause last time I mentioned to you that, I switched to IT field, but only one mth later, I changed my mind. Since I was here, I have changed my mind for so many different directions, first for accounting, then bachelor in Western Ontario, no money no talk, then changed to CMA, certified Management Accountant, then, IT field, finally, 9 mths later, I made up my mind to go for my MBA degree. But most possibility is, I will try hard to get enrol in the state's MBA.

Let's say this way, just like love story. If in ur heart, sb occupies the most important place, u're always thinking of her/him. Just because of some practical difficulties, u can't go for her/him. But u always regard it a big pitty in ur life. So, maybe one day, finally, once u make up ur mind, u will go for her/ him. No matter it's good or bad, u won't regret. Just like my MBA dream. When I first arrived here, the first night, fr the airport to home, my friend educated me a lot on how hard for a MBA to find a job here, how useless to pursue a MBA, how big the language and cultural barriers, how difficult to melt urself into the local society, how naive the idea of MBA is, bla bla bla,,, God, after that, according to my real experience, my roomate, who is a MBA fr Austrilia, couldn't find a job after 8mths, now she is still searching, ...... All of these, forced by the cruel reality, I have to adjust my plan, once and once. But, in my deep heart, there is still the voice of MBA there, as I still keep a space for it. So,,,,

Finally, I decided to choose the state's MBA, and will try to get a satisfied GMAT score. U know what, I even thought of going back to BJ to enrol new oriental school, as it's so famous for its high quality exam preperation. But my best friend, who is studying MBA in UBC, told me that, GMAT is not EVERYTHING. Working experience, essay, recommendation letters, are also very very important. So, a middle level GMAT score doesn't mean u couldn't enrol those famous business schools. In his class, there are also many students whose GMAT score are below 700, 650, even 600, but with abundant working experience,and showing high potentail of management skills, whatever. He suggested me to stay in Canada, to accumulate more local working experience, and prepare GMAT at the same time. To try an okay GMAT score and prepare other supplementary meterials well.

He said, "lumlum, u belong to MBA, so u should go for it." He knows me well, and I am that kind of personal, who is better at dealing with people than dealing with computer, or machine, so, I can't just choose a popular field to find a job comparatively eaiser than choose sth I am really very interested in.

All of these, can reflect a new immigrant's Canadian dream here. I belive there are so many friends facing the same painful choice as me. I am quite lucky that, I have a job now which is good for drawing future resume as it's a quite big company in the financial field. So, I can think my future development seriously based on quite stable current life.

I just picked up a few books bought fr China for GMAT fr my packed box. As I cancelled this plan already. It will take me at least several mths to prepare. Especially I have to prepare it after work. SO how I wish I had already done good preparation in China! That would be much better, without tough survival stress here.

It snowed last week. Toronto is quite cold now. But when I think of my great plan, and I am working for that, I always feel warm and happy. Wish me good luck.

Hope when u come here, I already get my okay GMAT score. Then I will buy u a good dinner. xixixixi..... ^_^

Talk to u later, & don't know when. Take care and enjoy ur happy life.

Lumlum Nov 19/00
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2000-11-19 -04:00
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