A Java Test from job agency. Please post your answer if you have a lot of knowledge of JAVA

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1. How would you execute a shell script when you don’t have execute access permission to the file containing the script? Can you execute a shell script if you don’t have read access permission?
2. Why do we still need to import java.awt.event.* even when we are not using AWT components but rather building our GUI with Swing?
3. Why are Swing components called lightweight and the AWT components heavyweight?
4. What type(class) of object the System.in, System.out and System.err are?
5. How is performing ordinary stream I/O to and from a Socket different from doing the same to and from a File?
6. What are the different ways of handing events in Java?
7. Name different methods of tracking session data?
8. In Java programming languages, can you create a collection of int, float, or any of the other primitive types?
9. When will you use StringBuffer vs. String? Why are String objects called immutable?
10. Why are stop() and suspend() deprecated in Java2?
11. What types of JDBC drivers have you used and with which databases? Be specific. What factors influenced your choice? Have you done any benchmarking on your own when you needed to make that choice? If yes, describe how.
12. Do you agree with the saying that Java is not a “pure” object-oriented language in which everything is an object? Why? Why not?
13. Why are final and static not allowed as qualifiers for methods in an interface?
14. How can serialization performance in Java be improved?
15. When does a race condition occur? What problems can arise from unexpected race conditions?
16. What is a Linked List? In which of your projects have you utilized Linked Lists (if any)? What other linear and non-linear data structures do you know/have you used before?
17. What are three types of interservlet communication?
18. What do you need to define in order to implement an Enterprise Java Bean? How do you deploy a bean?
19. If a transaction only performs 2 of its 3 operations which property of the transaction is violated?
20. Have you written any stored procedures? In which language(s)? What were their functionalities and how did you implement them? What are the benefits of using stored procedures?
21. What is Rollforward?
22. Before Java2 there were only two states for an object: reachable and unreachable. With the release of Java2, now there are five states. Which are those? What’s the difference? How is the reachability of an object and its eligibility for reclamation determined?
23. What is JNDI ? Why is it important?
24. On Solaris, AIX and/or other flavors of UNIX you worked with, how would you give file access to more than one group of people or to everybody in one group except one person? Give an example.
25. A process on UNIX is using almost 100% of the CPU. How do you identify the process and determine if you should kill it?
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