Jobseeking exp. of carlwu, a hardware engineer

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To Charlie and our old guys in IT:

This afternoon I had an interview with a small company(only ten persons,I guess). Their main products are medical measure instruments based on single chip CPU(Microcontroller).They need a programmer in assemble language. The technical interview last only 25 minutes because they felt that I am too strong for them in this technical fields. I told them the type No. of their main Zilog Microcontroller without even a look at their circuit boards(first,They used Zilog products because there are many manuals of Zilog products on the shelf ,they must have A/D & D/A channel for messure use,then only one best choices for them!). Although they told me that I was the first person to interview and they must have the appointment interviews with other guys and would give me final reply in two weeks, I had done what I can do! I think my knowledge of these kinds of products is more than theirs. If they don't hire me, it is not my fault.

Before I came to Canada, I had learned some Java by myself. After I came here, I found it is too difficult for me to compete with those young guys such as small Irons(They are fluent in English and have more experiences in new technology such as Java 2,C++,ASP,etc.). In recent years, most of our old guys in IT had become network administators or project managers in Mainland. We can't play the same roles in North American because of language and culture problems. I think this is the main reason that we can't get a offer in Canada.Yes,we are old! But some years ago we were good programmers and we had more experiences in hardware(any good programmers before 1995 must have a good understanding of hardware!). I think this is our advantage over those young small Irons(Pardon, small Iron). Although those young guys are excellent in new technology, it is impossible for them to become an expert in hardware in just one or two years. Although the positions of programmers related to hardware are relatively rare in Canada, but we are good competive candidates.

How do you think about this problem? According to my experiences of this afternoon, the software technology on MPU is almost in the same conditions of 1990.(just some upgrade in hardware, three or five chips are intergratd into one chip).

My feeling is right!

The hardware engineer of that small company made a call to me just now and asked me to go to their company tomorrow to meet "president".

What can I do? I have some interview arrangments with some networks equipment companies but I am not sure if I can pass their technical interview.(I have failed in the first interview with a famous EDA company.)

Re: My feeling is right!

I am glad to find you here, Carl, I am Lu Haibo. I have read all your message on board.

This is your best chance till now, you should have the interview prior to those you will arrange to.

To settle down with a job is more important than to find a reasonable job. You have long way to go in Canada.

good lucky.

by: carlwu

Thanks for your suggestions! I will act as what you said. Is there any news about your case? Email me,Please!

by: wefree
to Carlwu

Hi! you seem looking for a job long time. it sounds you have more experiences in hardware design than software. don't give up hardware jobs. in canada there are a lot of hardware designer positions if you know some hot technology. my friend lived in Ottawa. he got a hardware designer job with salary 65K after landing 1 month. another guy got 50K with his poor English after landing 3 month. they all live in Ottawa and had been 8051 related design background. you are new immigrant and can settle down any place. aim to what you like to do with your powerful experiences. don't sweep around SW/HW/IT/SA.

good luck

by: toyoto
My oponion to newcomers!



In fact as a newcomer, i think you should just forget some 65K+...salary position, just forget it!!!

like a guy above said, in canada you will have long way to go! dont focus on the present, why not throw you eye on the future!! Now the most important thing for the newcomer to do is to find and dig a job in YOUR professional field, not a very high salary position! Please AIM this target!! not a job with high pay, coz you know you can make it in the late future, not now!

by: yaojian
yes..We are too old to be a programmer

we are too "young" to be a team leader here.

BTW, I think you can tell youe agencies about your new offer and ask them whether they can arrange the interview ahead of schedule. In word, do not miss any chance. They are selecting you and you are selecting also.

by: sailor
Go ahead, Carlwu!

I bet this hardware company will hire you!

Try to find an excuse and postpone your other interview appointment.

Don't worry too much on your current salary. Once you get it,

still you're free to find another one, while you no longer worry about

your household income...

When you go to meet the president, show you confidence! Yes, you're

good at this field. Tell him you will bring good profit to this company

and you're sure to obtain a promotion soon.

Wish you smooth and good luck!

Sailor, from rolia.com

by: carlwu
Re;Thanks for help from friends!

I think I have got that offer at last.

Yesterday I came to have an interview with the "president" to discuss my contract.The boss and two men from Human Resources and that senior hardware engineer attended the interview(It seems it is a larger company than my guess). The progress was short because that hardware engineer(he is a PH.D) said many good sentences for me(he is responsible for this project).Today I got an email from the Human Resources to offer me a position and ask me to give them an reply. I am tired of too many waiting!

I deicided to accept this job. According to their request, I came to company this afternoon with the photocopies of my certificate documents.The source code of the project had been given to me and one clerk went out to buy a computer for me. Although I had not signed on the contract(They told me that the formal contract will be signed on next Monday morning,my first work day), I think I had got the offer.

11 weeks after my landing, I got my first job.It is really a hard process.Thanks for help from YaoJian,Shenglang,small Iron, wefree,Sailor,Harbour...........

God bless our new immigrants who are looking for a job!
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