i have been here for 8 months. and i knew some people here.

lilyba (lily)
one guy who is 39 years old now study computer in university. this guy used to be a leader in china. after he came here, he did labour job for 2 years. a lady who is more than 30 years old finished her study and find a job now. i think the most important thing now is to make your plan. i think if you can come here as an immigrant, you should have ability, and also you can take advantage of convenience that canada government has provide. now, maybe you can ask some one who has the same background as you. good luck.
2001-8-2 -05:00

回到话题: 这个话题可能会招骂,就不用注册名了。来了1个多月,感觉真是不太好。除了自然环境比国内的大城市好一些以外就没觉得这里有什么好的。语言不通,工作无着落,孤独,生活费高,太多东西需要适应。真不知道能不能坚持下去。哎,太难受了。

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