Go to google.ca. Get your information by typing the keywords "abortion law"(check on the page from Canada). There is a clinic located in toronto which can do the abortion(gestational age limits up to 20 weeks)

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Name: Cabbagetown Clinic
302 Gerrard St, E.
Mon.-Fri. 8:30am-4:30pm

Clinical work-up:
BhcG & Ultrasound to confirm dates.(Will do US at the clinic if not previously done)

Used if > 12 weeks
Inserted on the day before the procedure

Procedures Available:
< 15 weeks-Vacuum Suction
<20 weeks-D&E
Local anaesthetic, relaxant via IV, Nitrous Oxide.(Awake for procedure. Someone needs to go with client and bring them home. No driving after procedure.)
2001-8-3 -05:00

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