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paulzhou (alwaysbeginner)
I just do this for pratice. In windows DNA it usally make a data access layer (component) to do data work, your advice is like that approch, am I right? Servlet is definitely ok. Can I employ JavaBean, CORBA to do that? What's your advice to forward the data retrived from database to applet. I mean how to accepet the recordset in applet and how to send the recordset in servlet.
BTY, I ran the applet on that very server I developed it on, why that error hint still appear? it means that IIS have no capability to play the role of java web server? It seems that you are very keen on Tomcat, how do you think about Java web Server? because I only have that one in hand.
2000-11-23 -05:00

回到话题: Help me, I have cooked up a applet and put it in my www root directory, but when I run it in html file, it tell me that Load:class *** not found. What can I do , thanks

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