Toronto: Basketball Club--篮球俱乐部

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Basketball Club--篮球俱乐部

Dear friends:

As you may know, we have a Chinese basketball club here.

Schedule: 6:00 PM--9:30 PM, Saturday.

Place: The gym (indoor, first or third floor), York University.

Fee: It is an absolutely fee-free club, though it is necessary to make sure
you already have your healthy card before you make such a decision for
joining us. We also have a nice basketball. BTW, you have to pay for a
ticket to the gym, if you are not a student of York University or not taking
course there (compare other places, their charge is not high).

Welcome you join us. Let's relax after one week’s hard work or study and
have a fun there.

If you're interested in it, send a short message to Jason at
beerghost@YAHOO.COM. We'll have you on our list then you will know any
update about our club and the gym.

I apologize to those friends who are not interested in this message.

Have a nice night

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