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jabber (jabber)
1) I have ever been in Paris for one year. I have ever been to Germany. Eorupe is a good place to live in. Your offer is good.
Some Chinese scholars visit Germany as
a visiting scientist and make only $2500 per month.
2)However, it is hard for you to stay there for ever. If you come to Canada, you will have a clearly-defined future---You can become a Canadian citizen.
3)Maybe you can first go to Germany and
then come to land in Canada right before your landing paper expire. After landing, you can be absent from Canada for 183 days without any excuse. Before that, you may try to apply for a returning 1-yr permit. Of course, you need some excuse. Maybe you can have your spouse go to a Germany school---this can be a good excuse.
4) My opinion is just for reference. Please do not take it serious.
2000-11-24 -05:00

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