Time goes on and on, and never stops…

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Time is a unique thing in this world, nothing else can be mentioned in the same breath. Or in other words, we may say, time is the only master of the world. Can you count up how many events and stories happened under her supervision, no matter they were what we wanted or didn’t want to happen? Yes, there are too many stories, big or small, changing the history or just making one individual happy or sad.

Some stories are so terrible and seemingly unbearable that we don't want to see, but we have to endure. But if we keep it in mind that, as time goes by the sufferings will go as well and there are hopes behind them, we will have stronger willpower to face them or even accept them happily.

I once went to a hospital to see a friend of mine. Among her roommates, there was a girl of about 15 years old who came from a small down of Fujian province. The little girl got a very strange disease. On large areas of her body, her skin became black and hard, and smelled oddly. The weirdest thing is that there was black fur grown on them. Her parents were poor and they brought all their money coming to Shanghai, to one of the best hospitals here. The doctors found a way at last and decided to transplant good skin on her body to bad areas after rinding furred areas. That is to say, almost every inch of her skin had to be rinded and re-planted. It was terrible. How much pain she had to suffer! Of course they would use anaesthetic during the surgery, but how about after that? When she woke up, she would feel intense pain all over her body, and it would last perhaps for several months. I looked at the little girl with sympathy, but to my surprise I didn’t see any fear on her face. Instead, She was happy and so were her parents. I asked her, she answered: “ I know all these, but there are no other better ways, so I have to suffer it. After several months, when all these go by, I will be an ordinary girl.” I was touched by her words, simple but with profound philosophy. Yes, time showed its power once again upon a teenager. With confidence on time, she had a kind of transnormal power facing the suffering of intense physical pain that an adult like me cannot imagine.

In other cases, mental hurts give one no less pain than physical ones. A friend of mine just separated from her boyfriend She was still in deep love for him, but she had to accept it. I guess many of you can imagine the pain she had, so I don’t think I need to mention how painful she was. But she told me, “it is like I am running on the way of my life, which is a long long road with no branch. Time forces me to keep running without ceasing, unless I give up my life. I see there are pain and sorrow ahead on my way, but I just cannot stop. I have to go pass them, although I don’t know how long it will take and how harsh it will be. But I know after that, there is a plain and broad way waiting for me.” I had no more words to comfort her, as I knew she can endure all the hit and time will nurture her strength and rescue her.

I am sure everyone here has ever suffered things you didn’t want to happen. But we all pull through now. And today, at this moment, we gathered here, enjoying the time together, enjoying the happiness time leaves to us, and looking ahead, knowing that whatever difficulties or pains there will be, we will just go passing it, as time is beside us, encouraging us and telling us that everything will pass in the end. Even if we get hurt deeply, time will heal our wounds and leaving rich memories and experiences to our lives.
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